Social Policy

A Letter to Juvenile Detention

The underground secluded town With a lack of sunlit windows Give you away You can never trick me With the fancy vocabulary and complex wordplay Although they guard and demean Those uniformed people with the rings of keys Sure I’ll call them “staff” Because I guess they are employees The 4 sided cell With the metal toilet and sink Hold…

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Events, Social Policy

Being A Young Black Volunteer in a Black Overrepresented Juvenile Detention

When I first saw the listing for a poetry mentor in the King County Juvenile Detention Center it was on my university’s career newsletter. I was working on campus as a Conference Assistant at the time and while sitting at the community center’s front desk I thought the volunteer opportunity was a dream come true. Knowing that this temporary employment…

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Spring Black Love Arts Mixer and Marketplace

I can safely say that this mixer is one of my favorite Black owned business events in the Seattle area, the Black Love Arts Mixer hosted at Franklin High School. When I arrived at the mixer I walked into a performance by J-dash, a rapper from Seattle. Along with him there were other live music and spoken word performances such…

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Events, Marches and Demonstration

Black Lives Matter March for Freedom

This past weekend, Saturday March 4, 2017, the Black Liberation Front hosted a Black Lives Matter March for Freedom through Seattle. Protesters chanted, “Keep the CD Black” and “Hey Hey Ho Ho, Gentrifying has got to go”. There was a strong police presence at the demonstration, officers biked along side and blocked off streets in both directions as we passed…

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Black History Month Series

The Pursuit of Black Excellence Never Ends

With February’s end, I fear the end of our pursuit of the knowledge, characters and milestones within our culture. During February we embrace the opportunity to bask in our history, posting the stories of our leaders and sharing the legacies of our ancestors across countless platforms. Whether that be through social media like twitter tributes or Facebook statuses; or even…

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