A Letter to the Silent

A Letter to the Silent- epistle poem


We don’t need your spirit

We need your body

Standing with us

Chanting with us

I need you here beside me,

In solidarity

But instead you send well wishes and sorries

You say, “I’ll be there in spirit”

Instead of with the group following

You ghost

And your words, swallow them

We’re toast,

Because our group is weak without you

It’s fucked up how we need the privileged people

Who don’t need us

Who don’t throw a fuss, when we die in the streets

But, we need your body

Not your wishes

That’s why we ask for you

Still you hide under that privilege

Instead of marching you stay inside

At home, at work, in class

Any excuse to avoid the truth

You’re unthreatened by Trump’s decisions

Although rash, you may sign some petitions

But your presence, it’s like charity,

It’s not mandatory tor you to be there for me

Yet I need you

We bleed,

Because of you there’s lost bodies

Oil costs bodies,

Nikes cost bodies,

Fast Food Cost bodies,

Starbucks, McDonald’s and Wendy’s restaurants even lobby

To fill prisons with more bodies.

Black Bodies

Brown Bodies

Taken to suffer

So you can continue to be a pumpkin spice lover

Bodies fall short of breath

There’s no hope or life

They serve us death

Clean air, clean water

In Flint there’s none left

Dirty bodies, dehydrated bodies

So stop being snobby

And Bring me your body,

Stand with us

Shout out right beside me

I want to hear you say it,

“Black Lives Matter!”

Chant the undeniable fact

That this ‘great nation’ is built

On Black bodies backs.

-Amani Sawari




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