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A Letter to Juvenile Detention

The underground secluded town
With a lack of sunlit windows
Give you away
You can never trick me
With the fancy vocabulary and complex wordplay
Although they guard and demean
Those uniformed people with the rings of keys
Sure I’ll call them “staff”
Because I guess they are employees
The 4 sided cell
With the metal toilet and sink
Hold children suffocated by the graffiti littered concrete
And the smell of piss straining my ability to think
Sure I’ll call those rooms
But those cells carry bodies like tombs
Where we bury boys and girls
Victims to a society that preys
Profits off its own failures
How clever
Call it whatever you want
But how I see is through truth
And your attempt to mask it
Is overwhelming proof
of these words misuse
Making criminals
Out of victims of abuse
So long as we choose to refuse
To accept
The trends that have enabled
This violence against my youth
Uproar will continue
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I am a University of Washington alum, Class of 2016. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in two majors: Media and Communications AND Law, Economics and Public Policy. It's a mouthful but it illustrates how I have a hard time doing only one 'thing'. I am a writer, poet, singer, songwriter and much more. I enjoy sharing my experiences and perspectives with those who are interested and I am a proud member of the black diaspora!
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