Real Estate Services

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-56-15-pmAfter graduating from the University of Washington with a double major in both Media & Communications and Law, Economics & Public Policy I navigated into the world of Real Estate. My love and appreciation for working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences led me toward this career. I have experience with Residential Housing management at the University of Washington as well as experience in leasing and managing commercial rental property  spaces to local business owners in the Seattle metropolitan area. I have always enjoyed going the extra mile in order to make sure that tasks are completed the most effective way. My background in media and experience with videography allows me to provide the following services to Real Estate Brokers in the Seattle Area.

As a licensed Washington Real Estate broker, subscriber to NWMLS, I can assist other brokers with the following:

  1. Social Sharing– increase social sharing capability by adding social sharing pages to property pages on your webpages
  2. Contact Page– be sure to enable user friendly contact pages on your website in order to make yourself easy to reach when clients find you online
  3. Photography & Virtual Tour – we all know to solicit services from a professional photographer in order to better market homes, but can your photographer also put together a virtual tour with their photos? Virtual tour enabled photographs help your listing stand out.
  4. Client Newsletter– Keep your business services in you clients’ memory by providing a regular newsletter. These letters can provide your latest sales or quick tips on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. These updates can be delivered printed by post mail or electronically through email
  5. Collect Past Client Testimonials– A great thing to put on display are testimonials from people you’ve sold homes with successfully. This will help prospective clients gain interest in working with you. Reaching out to past clients about their experience will also be a great way to reconnect and keep your business relevant
  6. Webinar– As a Real Estate Broker your expertise is valued, because of this you can create web-series like talks that can spread your name. These talks can be focused on a variety of topics, be sure to hire a videographer to help with the being professionally done.
  7. Hashtags– this is a tool that allows your posts to be collected under a specific theme to easily find on social media. For example, client can send testimonials via twitter under a hashtag like #JohnsSuccessfulSales or #WeLoveChampions

My entrepreneurial spirit makes me the type of person that cannot help but find the most effective way to get work done. Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or inquiries. I look forward to working with you.