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An Introduction to Myself as a Writer and a Thinker At age 5 is when I first noticed that the United States of America was not my home. At that time my single mother and I moved just outside of Detroit MI, to be in a ‘better’ area and go...
a space created by us for us.

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Social Media has become a powerful tool in the Black Lives Matter Movement but it is steadily becoming a toxic place for people of color to express themselves about worldwide racial injustice and inequity. We must constantly combat instances in discussion where commenters add a comment only for the purpose of invalidating Blacks’ experiences, claiming reverse racism, or to simply spew hate. It has become a trend for blacks to create a space for themselves and for whites to enter and invade, transforming it from what it once was, until it can no longer be revived. is a place created by us for us to use in order to discover, discuss and connect.

I am a Black Girl Soldier

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