The Importance of Joining my BSU While Studying at a PWI

What my BSU gave me at my PWI: Five Essential C’s Attending the University of Washington, a predominantly white institution (PWI) can be a draining experience, especially socially which can affect us academically, emotionally and even physically. I’d always dreamed of graduating high school and going to Spelman College, but my father (footing the bill for my degree) decided investing…

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Events, Marches and Demonstration

UW Bothell Walkout #NotMyPresident

Earlier today the Seattle area lit up with protests from Bothell to Tacoma as colleges, universities and primary schools participated in walkouts. Participants were asked to wear all black.  At 12 noon faculty left their classes and students parted from their studies in order to show their resistance to Trump’s Election and the violent actions of his supports. After arriving…

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