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Why I Haven’t Seen Hidden Figures (2016 film): Protecting Our Stories, Our History, Our Lives

The Importance of asking “Who’s the director?” This is a always question I ask before consuming any media, especially films or television shows related to Black History. When Hidden Figures was released this past Christmas, the answer to this question is the reason why I have yet to view the film. It’s the reason why I will not be seeing…

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Seattle Women’s March Against Hate

Over 5,000 people gathered at Volunteer Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill to protest the normalized hate that has occurred as a result of president-elect Trump’s campaign. When I arrived at the park I could hear the mass cheering as I approached the concrete stage. March organizers, Demi Wetzel and Kelsey Coleman along with speakers from different parties and organizations set…

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Stop Hating and Learn to Rejoice When We Unite: Gucci Mane Proposes to Keyshia Ko’oir

Stop Shaming Black Men and Black Unions: Learn to Rejoice When We Unite When the kiss cam flew above the audience of an Atlanta Hawks game Tuesday November 22, 2016 couples did as they usually do. They look at each other in surprise after recognizing themselves on the screen and then kiss. However, this Tuesday night one couple shocked us.…

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Events, Influential Characters, Response Articles

Why I’m Adrenalized by a Trump Presidency

What We Must Do, Resist Trump, Occupy Inauguration- Seattle My final year of college I was a very active member of the University of Washington’s Black Student Union and during one of our BSU meetings Spring quarter the question came up, “What if Donald Trump actually becomes president?” At the time we said ‘actually’ as if there was only a…

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