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Stop Hating and Learn to Rejoice When We Unite: Gucci Mane Proposes to Keyshia Ko’oir

Stop Shaming Black Men and Black Unions: Learn to Rejoice When We Unite When the kiss cam flew above the audience of an Atlanta Hawks game Tuesday November 22, 2016 couples did as they usually do. They look at each other in surprise after recognizing themselves on the screen and then kiss. However, this Tuesday night one couple shocked us.…

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The Black Magic of Black Love #BlackLoveIsMagic

#BlackLoveIsMagic Black love has always been our forbidden fruit. White supremacist culture continually over-sexualizes the black female image. That same culture continues to rob black men of their ability to protect and provide for their families from the slavery era through the mass incarceration era. Throughout history Western culture has continuously developed and maintained systems that dismantle and destroy Black…

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