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When I say #NotMyPresident I know it’s #NotMyConstitution

This piece is written in response to a article published on the Washington Post by Petula Dvorak. The title alone, “Stop protesting democracy, saying #NotMyPresident is the same as saying #NotMyConstitution” sparked my interest because initially African Americans were not incorporated into the promises of the constitution. African Americans were not citizens, and were not even considered human in the…

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Events, Marches and Demonstration

UW Bothell Walkout #NotMyPresident

Earlier today the Seattle area lit up with protests from Bothell to Tacoma as colleges, universities and primary schools participated in walkouts. Participants were asked to wear all black.  At 12 noon faculty left their classes and students parted from their studies in order to show their resistance to Trump’s Election and the violent actions of his supports. After arriving…

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Why I’m Adrenalized by a Trump Presidency

What We Must Do, Resist Trump, Occupy Inauguration- Seattle My final year of college I was a very active member of the University of Washington’s Black Student Union and during one of our BSU meetings Spring quarter the question came up, “What if Donald Trump actually becomes president?” At the time we said ‘actually’ as if there was only a…

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Events, Shows and Musical Productions

Concert Review: Ms. Lauryn Hill The MLH Caravan

Ms. Lauryn Hill The MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling! Concert Series Lauryn Hill is the female rapper that every Black Women draws inspiration from. For a long time, Doo Wop’s lyrics proved to me that it actually is easier to practice self-respect rather than self-deprivation in romantic relationships. How often do we hear Black women in the media preach about positive…

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Black Romance and Relationships, Social Policy

The Black Magic of Black Love #BlackLoveIsMagic

#BlackLoveIsMagic Black love has always been our forbidden fruit. White supremacist culture continually over-sexualizes the black female image. That same culture continues to rob black men of their ability to protect and provide for their families from the slavery era through the mass incarceration era. Throughout history Western culture has continuously developed and maintained systems that dismantle and destroy Black…

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Events, Social Policy

13TH Film Review: Circumstantial Slavery Abolition and the Industrial Prison Complex, Director Ava Duvernay

This documentary style film takes a look at the direct relationship between the circumstantial abolition of slavery and the modern era of mass incarceration. Ava DuVernay, directed, wrote and produced the documentary, threading together interviews from Michelle Alexander, Angela Davis, Jelani Cobb, Henry Louis Gates Jr., David Keene, James Kilgore, with other activist and scholars. These interviews were paired with…

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Concert Review: Kanye West Chained Yet Untamed, Saint Pablo Tour 2016

On Wednesday October 20, 2016 at 8pm I attended the Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. This was my first time seeing West in concert, so I didn’t mind the fact that he was over an hour and a half late. Only excitement and anticipation in me grew as others nearby got frustrated and left,…

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TaleTV TaleUs Series

#TaleUs What is one word that describes being Black in America?

We went out into the streets of Seattle to ask Black people, “What is one word that describes being Black in America?” I wasn’t expecting any specific type of answers. Some surprised me as Black people responded: King, Beautiful and even Hebrew. The wide variety of answers alone illustrated the complexity of the Black experience in America. The captivity and…

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