my UW Class of 201 graduation attire
my UW Class of 2016 graduation attire

The Black community has been robbed of their royalty for centuries. I didn’t know that I was a descendant of kings and queens until after graduating college this past Spring, an experience that not many black youth have had.


In college I was finally able to learn my own history. My father had to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for it. Due to his sacrifice, and the sacrifices of my ancestors before him, I have been fortunate enough to learn about myself in such a way that I have become obsessed with not only my betterment, but also for the betterment of my community. My greater desire is to share my knowledge, thoughts, experiences and successes in a way that transforms the lives of those who choose to consume it. Right now we are at a turning point…

….and as we switch directions we embark on a journey of discovery.


I want black children to grow up knowing they are royalty.

I want black women to know that their beauty is glorious.

I want black men to know that their strength is indestructible.

I want my community to be whole again.

I want what we all want; and I choose to use my love for writing, passion for people and the power of reflection to move toward that goal.